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The Best Body Pillows: Maximise Your Sleep

Your pillow is not just something that you use to put your head on at night. It is a vital part of getting a good night’s sleep!

This is our review of the best body pillows.

Most people use their pillows for over 2500 hours a year! Or 100 days non-stop! Or one-third of your life!

Finding the right pillow can be time-consuming and frustrating because hundreds of varieties and pillow sizes are available in the market. I hope this review will help you make an informed decision.

Total Body Support Pillow

This is our number one choice. This is so soft and cozy! The level of comfort it provides is extraordinary.

But more importantly, the pillow gives you optimum support for your upper and lower extremities while maintaining proper spinal alignment no matter your sleep position.

It provides support wherever you need it! You can fold it into a U-shape or make a complete circle which is excellent for sitting up and watching TV in bed.

The pillow is stuffed with hypoallergenic Fusion fiberfill that becomes even softer and fuller with each washing.

Once you try it, you can never imagine not having it again. You will look forward to bed every night, knowing this is waiting for you.

Two Position Sleeper’s Pillow

If you sleep on both your back and sides, this is an excellent option for you because it provides proper spinal and neck alignment.

When you shift positions during the night, its unique shape will ensure correct posture and comfort.

When you sleep on your back, the central cavity cradles your head. There is also a sloping extension that supports the neck.

When you sleep on your side, the higher edges keep the head and neck in a straight line.

The foam pillow is both firm and cushioning and does not flatten after years of use.

Back Sleeper’s Pillow

They are designed to support the head, neck, and shoulders of people who sleep on their back. The rectangular pillow has three parts: a 6″-wide center panel and two raised 9″-wide segments on either side.

The center panel cradles the head and contours to the natural curve of the neck. The left and right panels are intended for side sleeping without adjusting or folding the pillow.

With hypoallergenic polyester fill, the pillow is up to 3″ thicker than standard pillows. This helps relieve pressure on the cervical vertebrae, eliminate muscle strains, and prevent neck and back pain.

Side Sleeper’s Ergonomic Pillow

It provides ideal support to the head, neck, and shoulders for side-sleepers. Designed by a doctor, the pillow has a U-shaped opening at its bottom, designed to cradle the shoulder, properly supporting the head.

There is a slight depression in the surface to prevent pressure from building up on the ear. It is also up to 3″ thicker than a typical pillow.

The pillow is made of soft, hypoallergenic polyester fill, and its cover is made from brushed microfiber.

Stomach Sleeper’s Pillow

Designed for stomach sleepers, it supports the head, neck, and shoulders.

A U-shaped opening at its top gently cradles the face and enables easy breathing without having to turn your face to the side.

Other features are identical to the previous model.

Sleep Enhancing Pillow

It promotes a better night’s sleep using a patented technology that increases blood flow.

The cotton fibers are interwoven with a thermo-reactive mineral Celliant. It converts released body heat into therapeutic infrared light that is reabsorbed back into the skin.

Optimized blood flow counteracts chronic aches, inflammation, and night sweats.

The pillow ensures comfort and correct posture for all sleepers by eliminating pressure points with slightly raised edges.

Cool on Contact Pillow

It provides a comfortably cool sleeping surface. It uses a fabric developed for NASA to keep astronauts cool in space.

Millions of invisible microcapsules absorb excess heat and move it away from the head and neck until the pillow reaches the ambient temperature.

As you shift positions during the night, the vacated area of the pillow recovers its cooling properties.

The fabric covers both sides of the pillow, and it is filled with a spiral-crimped polyester with a loose, thread-like texture for a long-lasting loft.

The 100% cotton cover is hypoallergenic. It comes in three options: soft, medium, and firm density.

European Goose Down Pillow

It is filled with European white goose down – one of the softest, most luxurious down clusters in the world!

It is filled with large down plumules from fully-grown geese, ensuring superior softness, loft, and breathability.

Each ounce of down has approximately 2 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a supple cushion.

The down compresses to contour to the shape of your head for the best support and quickly reverts to its original loft when you raise your head.

Three options: soft density for those who sleep on their stomachs; medium for those who sleep on their sides, firm for those who sleep on their backs.

Stress and Tension Relieving Pillow

This patented three-piece pillow reduces stress on the head and neck by providing optimal spinal alignment.
Its unique design alleviates tension and pressure by contouring to the shape of the head and neck.

It is filled with a soft down alternative that gently cradles the head. There are two memory foam bolsters – one soft and one firm, located on either side, which is intended to support the neck.

Great for allergy sufferers because its cover is hypoallergenic as well as bed bug and dust-mite resistant.

CPAP Sleeper’s Comfort Pillow

This is the best option for people who sleep with a CPAP machine. It optimizes airflow with the help of three layers of ventilated foam.

This foam neutralizes odor and molds to your facial contours, allowing air to flow through its layers.

It is possible to remove layers, to adjust the height from 2 1/4″- to 5 1/4″.

The head is cradled by the concave center, which improves airway alignment. Cutouts on both sides ensure a mask’s cushion maintains its seal against the face.

Thanks to the integrated tether, a hose is not pulled throughout the night.

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