The Benefits of Using a Body Pillow (7 Perks)

Your choice of pillow can make or break your sleep. While an ordinary pillow can guarantee you a decent sleep, a body pillow has some extra benefits.

Making the wrong choice of a pillow will hold you back from experiencing the benefits of quality sleep.

But why do people like body pillows?

Here are five benefits of sleeping with a body pillow.

1. Body Pillows Reduce Tossing and Turning During Sleep

Some people have problems falling asleep due to turning and tossing consistently on their beds. Turning and tossing during sleep can make your body uncomfortable and restless. You can spend hours struggling to get a good sleeping position the entire night. 

Body pillow keeps you in place – no tossing or turning in the bed.

The best body pillows will provide you with something supportive as you sleep. Therefore, you will toss and turn less during sleep, which is vital in encouraging and promoting restful sleep. You will later develop a nightly routine that will dramatically lessen your constant turning and tossing over time. 

2. Body Pillows Are Easily Customizable To Increase Effectiveness 

We have different heights and sizes. Moreover, some of us have certain conditions such as injuries, pains, and pregnancy. Such situations require special sleeping needs and pillows of different shapes and sizes. It is difficult for people with certain conditions to find standard pillows that suit their needs.

A body pillow can help support your growing belly during pregnancy. You can position the cushion to relieve pressure on your back, and it elevates your frame and supports your legs.

No matter your sleeping needs, you can get a body pillow that is easily customizable to your needs. Most people go for body pillows with an inner cotton casing. The casing provides you with a natural fill that you can customize to ensure the weight and height of your pillow are precisely how you like it. 

For instance, slim people can customize their body pillow by removing much of the fill inside the cotton casing. Therefore, the pillow will suit the petite person since they will comfortably wrap their legs around the pillow for a comfortable sleeping experience. 

3. Body Pillows Improve Body Alignment and Relieve Back Pain

A body pillow offers great benefits for side sleepers. People who sleep on their sides develop discomfort and pain in their lower body areas due to sleeping on one side for many hours. Side sleepers can also experience back pain because of twisting and putting pressure on their back. 

Body pillows offer you an easy way to keep a pillow between your legs.

You can read more about how to sleep with a body pillow here.

Body pillows will ultimately help side sleepers maintain proper body alignment during sleep. You can improve your body alignment by placing a body pillow between your knees and then hug the pillow. Such a sleeping position will help you distribute weight evenly along the body. It explains why body pillows are helpful for individuals with back pain issues. 

4. Body Pillows Help People Enjoy the Multiple Benefits of Hugging 

At least most of us love hugs because hugs provide us with that instant comforting effect and a sense of calmness. A comforting hug also makes us feel happy and safe.

You are less stressed when you hug your large pillow.

Body pillows are especially essential for most of us who love hugs. Holding onto your body pillow throughout the night can give you that pleasant, comforting feeling you need to fall asleep fast. 

Body pillow and a hug

5. Body Pillows Provide Pressure Point Relief 

When your mattress is too firm, you are more likely to overwork your pressure points. Some of your body parts, such as your hips, can be sensitive if they aren’t adequately supported during sleep, leading to pain and discomfort. The body reacts to pain and discomfort by constantly changing the sleeping position. 

Fortunately, you can address this problem with a body pillow thanks to its full and elongated shape. You can place the cushion between your knees and your entire body. Your body pillow will provide you with something you can use to keep your body balanced, ultimately avoiding aggravating your pressure points. A quality body pillow is essential for eliminating pressure off your lower body, especially on the hips. 

6. Body Pillow Reduces Snoring

If you are a snoring person, you can reduce snoring by using a body pillow, as sleep position often affects snoring.

If you want to test whether your snoring is affected by your sleep position, try turning onto your side. Sleeping on your side can be a challenge, but positioning a body pillow behind you may prevent inadvertently returning to back sleep.

A body pillow can also raise the upper body keeping it away from pressing the soft tissues of the throat that causes the snoring.

7. Body Pillow Relieves Muscle Tension

Using a body pillow can reduce muscular tension. You can wrap your arm or leg over it to relieve your shoulder, hip, or knee pressure.

Some people find body pillows more comfortable than traditional pillows because they can manipulate them a little bit easier.

Here’s more information on body pillow sizes.

The Bottom Line 

We might have all sorts of reasons for choosing body pillows over ordinary pillows. Despite these reasons, we can all agree that body pillows have many benefits over ordinary pillows now. Therefore, consider purchasing a body pillow for a fantastic sleeping experience.

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