Do Body Pillows Need a Cover

Do Body Pillows Need a Cover?

Pillows, if any, are matters of taste. But when it comes to sleeping, cleanliness, freshness, and harmony are essential. The pillow cover is an excellent way to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. 

A body pillow cover protects the actual pillow from stains, dirt, dust mites, and other unwanted germs. 

So we can say that body pillows need a cover, as standard pillows do as well. 

A removable cover is more straightforward to wash than a whole body pillow.

You can have several covers for your body pillow. You can change the cover on the same schedule as the rest of the cushions. When the bed is made, you can place the body pillow behind the other pillows like a bolster or a daybed. It provides an excellent base for everything.

Are Pillow Covers Included With Body Pillows?

Pillow covers are typically included with the purchase of a body pillow. Some manufacturers offer at least a few different options for the cover’s color and style. Often, covers are made of polyester, cotton, bamboo blends, velvet, or other material for a luxurious feel.

Find out how to choose the best body pillow and what’s included in the purchase here.

Other companies have developed pillowcases that can be used with the original pillows. Search by the size of your body pillow on Amazon and other retailers. By doing so, you will see if there are cases that will fit, giving you more options.

The Material of a Pillow Cover

The material of the pillow cover can also affect its cooling ability. Cotton, polyester, or rayon fabrics are usually used for pillow covers.

The purpose of body pillows is to provide support, and they are typically used to lean on. At night, some of them may feel hot. Cotton covers are breathable, keeping you cool while you sleep.

The Benefits of a Body Pillow Cover

There are several benefits to using the body pillow cover:

  • By protecting your body pillow from stains, dirt, and the like, it prolongs its lifespan. 
  • It is also easier to keep the pillow clean since you can wash just the cover instead of the whole pillow. 
  • The body pillow can be customized with a cover to suit your preference.

The Bottom Line

The pillow cover prolongs the life of the cushion, provided that it is regularly washed. And by opening the zipper, it is easy to remove for washing.

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