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How Big Are Body Pillows? Dimensions for All Types

Body pillows are any pillows that are larger than standard pillows. These pillows provide additional neck and head support while you are sleeping. 

In this article, we take a look at how big are body pillows.

Body pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A standard uncurved body pillow is 20 x 54 inches. 

When you compare the size of a body pillow to the standard pillow, which is 20 by 26 inches, you can see the difference is substantial.

There are smaller body pillows that are ideal for shorter persons and longer body pillows for taller individuals. Still, on average, you can reflect that the length of a body pillow is between 48 and 55 inches. 

Which Body Pillow Sizes Are There?

Below are typical body pillow sizes and types.

ShapeAverage Size
Straight20 x 54 inches
Extra-long20 x 72 inches
L-Shaped28 x 54 inches
C-Shaped30 x 60 inches
U-Shaped30 x 60 inches
J-Shaped28 x 65 inches

Let’s take a closer look at the different shapes and their specific sizes.

Types of Body Pillows and Their Sizes

As mentioned, body pillows are available in different sizes and different types. Below are different types and their average sizes.

1. Size of Straight Body Pillows

Most straight body pillows measure 20 x 54 inches on average. 

These cushions have a straight shape, as their names indicate. This is the most popular type of body pillow today. Moreover, they are the least expensive of all the large-sized cushions. 

Most of them have a poly-fiber fill, although some brands come with microbead, shredded memory foam, or buckwheat. 

Straight types provide sleepers with full-body support since they aren’t specific to any body parts. They can also work as an additional layer of cushioning on the surface of your bed.

Length of Extra-long Pillow?

Extra-long body pillows are about 70-100 inches long. Luckily, you can fold them for more accessible storage. 

They reduce tossing and turning during the night and are suitable for taller people. They may also be used during pregnancy or after delivery. 

2. Dimensions of L-shaped Body Pillows 

The dimensions of L-shaped pillows can vary depending on the brand. Most of these cushions have a standard length of 24 inches and a standard width of 18 inches. There are also L-shapes in the king-size measuring 36 inches long and 24 inches wide.

L-shape is suitable for providing head and neck support during sleep. You can place your L-shaped cushion between your legs and kneels for additional knee support while keeping your hips level.

3. Body Pillows in C-shape Are Among the Largest

C-shape is among the most significant body pillows. Some can be over 60 inches in length with a width between 24 and 30 inches. You can twist or fold your C-shaped cushion to create a lounging or sitting position.

These types have a remarkable C-shaped curve. Their two curved arms bend inwards, although these two curves don’t touch each other. You can use your C-shaped cushion in multiple ways since this style is easy to fold. Moreover, it offers plenty of body, neck, and head support.

4. U-shaped Fits Nicely on King-Sized Beds

Body pillows that are U-shaped come in lengths up to 60 inches and widths up to 30 inches.

A U-shape can be suitable for persons with king-sized beds. While these aren’t popular like straight pillows, they are more supportive in comfort and pain relief.

U-shaped cushions resemble two straight ones joined together by a curve on one side. These are excellent for providing neck and head support, and they are standard among expectant moms and persons recovering from surgery. They offer multiple support options since you can easily twist, fold and place them in various positions.

5. J-shaped Body Pillows Extend to 80 inches!

J-shape is perhaps the most extensive pillow, having an approximate length of 80 inches and above. The width can exceed 24 inches, although some high-end J-shaped ones have a width exceeding 24 inches.

J-shape is known for its gentle curvatures. The curvatures enable it to accommodate well to the neck, head, knee, and hip. The full-scale support they provide is ideal.

Distinct J-shape makes them stand out from other types. J-Shape is pretty similar to L-shape. However, the J-shape offers more support than its L-shaped counterparts.

Unlike the L-shape, the J-shape has a longer trunk than its hooked arm. 

Body Pillows Are Big, But Are They Too Bulky?

Body pillows can take up a lot of room in your bed, which can bother your partner. With a large cushion, you end up feeling cramped and hot – especially if your partner is breathing with you.

If you are not in a queen or king-size bed, choose the smallest size to accommodate both of you. And smaller cushions don’t fall out of your bed so quickly.

Also, storing them requires a lot of space. To hold them properly, they should be kept flat or hung and placed inside a storage bag. Long-term storage may cause the pillow to wrinkle, so you need to pull it out occasionally.

By adding or removing filling, you can alter the size of your cushion. Adding more filling will make it bigger and firmer, and less filling will make it thinner and softer. Unfortunately, most pillows do not include a zipper for adding or removing padding.

Choose the Suitable Size

As far as which size and style are right for you, there is no right or wrong answer. Consider your height, bed size, and personal preference when deciding on a size for a body pillow. With the right size, you can get multiple benefits for your rest.

Before choosing, there are some factors to consider: 

  1. Sleep partner. The first thing to consider when choosing the size of the body pillow. Even pets play a role. When you let your pets sleep in your bed, it will be more comfortable for everyone if you have enough room. 
  2. Your height and sleep position. How tall are you, and what is your sleep position? If you sleep on your back or stomach, you need a different size or type than if you sleep on your side. 
  3. Bed dimensions. How spacious is your bed? You don’t want to feel cramped and hot with the giant pad, so remember to leave room for you and your partner.
  4. Value and cost. The bigger the cushion, the more it costs, but this shouldn’t matter much since these pillows are affordable.

The Bottom Line 

Body pillows come in multiple sizes and shapes, and they are entirely different compared to average cushions. Hopefully, you’ve learned how big they are.

With their generous sizing, ranging from 40 to 100 inches, you can get extra support for your rest. 

Bolster pillows are smaller than body pillows. Read more about what bolster pillows are.

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