What Is a Pillow Menu (in Hotels and Resorts)?

When you stay at a hotel, you expect certain amenities. For example, you might expect a pillow menu with various pillows to choose from. But what exactly is a pillow menu?

A pillow menu is one way for hotels and resorts to improve their services. It’s good news for you if you only sleep on a SPECIFIC type of pillow. Or if you just want to sleep on a new kind of pillow.

Definition of a Pillow Menu

A pillow menu consists of different types of pillows that you can choose from when checking into a hotel or resort.

This is amazing if you want to sleep on a pillow that is suitable for you. 

You do not have to pay for the pillow menu as it is typically offered free (as hotels do not usually charge for extra pillows).

In addition, you don’t have to worry about taking your own pillow with you.

Where Can You Find a Pillow Menu?

You can’t get a pillow menu in any hotel.

Pillow menus are becoming increasingly popular in fancier hotels and resorts.

They haven’t made it to budget hotels yet.

By having a pillow menu ONLINE, you can choose the right pillow for your sleeping position when you book a room. 

For example, The Montcalm Hotel in London has this pillow menu on its website.

Here is the pillow menu of The Benjamin Hotel in New York. On top of that, they have a special “rest and renew” program that offers solutions for the best possible sleep.

How Does It Work?

The pillow menu typically works by having different types of pillows available in your room.

For example, it might include soft, medium, and firm pillows of different sizes. 

It might contain memory foam, buckwheat hull, and hypoallergenic materials.

The pillow menu might have pillows for specific conditions such as headaches or stress.

Soft: A standard pillow you would use if you were sleeping alone. This will be the most comfortable option for those who prefer softer pads.

Medium: The next level up from the soft pillow. With this pillow, you’ll feel more pressure points, but it won’t be as plush as the soft pillow.

Firm: The last option on the pillow.

If you don’t know what type of pillow you need, we suggest starting with the medium-firm pillow first. It gives you an idea of how much support you can expect while still being able to breathe comfortably.

The next step is to choose your firmness level and decide if you prefer soft or hard pillows. Soft pillows are great for side sleeping, but they do not provide as much support as firmer ones. 

Harder pillows will help keep you in place during the night to not roll over too often. 

Typically you can have all those options in your room to try before the night.

Pillow That Suits Your Sleeping Position

Suppose you’ve been worried about how you sleep in other places because you have a particular way of sleeping?

In that case, the pillow menu helps you find a suitable sleeping position. 

Some feel comfortable using specific beddings, not others; they can only sleep on particular cushions. 

Everyone has their preferences which are something you cannot blame people for having. 

Benefits of Pillow Menus

Pillow menus have several benefits:

1. Quality sleep

A pillow menu is beneficial to you as it enables you to choose the pillow you are sure you can sleep well on.

This means you will not be stuck with a pad you do not like or one that is uncomfortable for you.

You do not have to be in your bed to enjoy some quality sleep as you still can on the outside by using the pillow menu.

2. Monitoring customer preferences

The pillow menu offers the management a chance to see what their guests prefer when selecting the pillows to use for the hotel.

Because of this, they can gauge the most preferred pads and increase the number of customers.

3. Enhances luxury

When you are out sleeping in a hotel, you might be worried if the sleeping experience there will match what you have at home.

Hotels typically have good bedding, but getting the chance to use a pillow menu gives more choices.

You have the luxury of choosing the most suitable option for you. You can sink into a sea of soft cushions. It improves the luxury experience you get when in the hotel.

Down is one of the most luxurious fillings, which is why many luxury hotels offer down cushions in their pillow selection. But are down pillows hot or cool?

4. Body wellness

The wrong cushion can lead to situations where you wake up with a back or neck ache because of aligning your body on the pad.

Using a pillow menu allows you to sleep on a headrest that will keep you from dealing with such situations.

5. It keeps you away from allergies.

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can aggravate any allergies you have.

This is why pillow menus exist to allow you to select a pad you are sure will not harm you.

Pillow menus are good as they will keep you away from using the wrong pillows.

Why Do Hotels Have a Pillow Menu?

Hotels use a pillow menu to offer their customers the best experience when they are there.

Because of this, they get to improve the kind of experience they offer their customers, which every hotel aspires to do.

Through hotels having a pillow menu, they get to enhance the loyalty of their customers.

A selection of cushions can put a hotel ahead of its competitors, who are not keen on their customers’ preferences.

Customers love a hotel that pays attention to their needs and shows it.

The Bottom Line

A pillow menu allows you to get the best pillow for yourself when sleeping in a hotel.

Get to enjoy your sleep in a hotel the same way you do when at home.

Some hotels even have a bolster pillow on their menu. Read more: What is a bolster pillow?

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