Hotel maid fixing extra pillows. Do hotels charge for extra pillows?

Do Hotels CHARGE for Extra Pillows? (Read To Know!)

Some hotels charge EXTRA for pillows, while others do not. This seems like a simple question, but it has many answers.

  • Most 4 or 5-star hotels do not charge for extra pillows or blankets.
  • Suppose you want a hotel pillow for your home? In that case, several hotels offer the option to order pillows online or through Amazon.
  • Don’t take pillows or other similar items from the room. You are only allowed to take smaller items like slippers and stationery.

There are two main reasons why hotels charge extra for pillow service. 

  • First, they make more money. 
  • Second, they are trying to get customers to stay longer.

Who does not love to stay in hotels? Staying in hotels gives you a luxurious vibe that most people long for. 

You can put your hands on HIGH-QUALITY bathrobes, bed linen, coat hangers, mattress covers, pillows, towels, and everything in a room!

Hotels are widely known for their hospitality, services, and PILLOWS! 

They are way different than the regular ones! 

The ones you find in hotels are super soft custom-made just for the hoteliers

Is there a charge for an extra pillow in a hotel? 

Let us find out!

Free Amenities

There are certain amenities offered free of charge in a hotel, such as slippers, shampoos, pens, and so on.

And pillows, of course. 

But what if you want to have more pillows

Should you just use the pillows already included in the price?

Do Hotels Charge For Extra Pillows?

This could be a discussion. Honestly, it depends on the hotel you are staying in.

The majority of the 4-star or 5-star hotels do not charge a cent for extra pillows. 

In general, hotels do not charge customers for extra pillows or blankets! 

You should usually contact the hotel’s receptionist to get a new extra pillow! 

The receptionist will give you the basic amenities you require, like an extra pair of pillows. 

There are even hotels and resorts that offer pillow menus. During check-in, a pillow menu will be available for you to select from. Typically, the pillow menu is provided for free.

However, they may charge if you take away any of their products. 

Can I buy a Pillow from Hotels?

Purchasing hotel-graded pillows from the management at a special price allows you to take them home. 

However, not all hotels give you this option.  

Can I Buy Hotel Pillows Online?

Yes, these custom-made pillows can be purchased by consumers. 

  • For example, Marriot hotels sell pillows on their online Marriot shop.
  • You can purchase Ritz-Carlton Pillows directly from the Ritz-Carlton shop.
  • Hilton sells most of its bedding directly from its Hilton To Home website.

You can find hotel-grade pillows also from Amazon.

You can check the IHG Bedding Collection on Amazon. IHG family of hotels (Kimpton, Crowne-Plaza, Holiday Inn, and many more) have different cushions on their various brands.

Here is an example from the Beckham Luxury Linens  store on Amazon:

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Do Hotels Replace Their Pillows?

Yes! Hotels replace their pillows while they are still soft. 

According to reputed hoteliers and professionals, you should use it for one and a half or two years maximum. 

And the above statement is supported by many sleep experts as well. 

However, two years is a very long time to keep these cushions in service!

Things You Can Take Away From Hotels

The hotel administration allows you to take a few things while you leave. 

Yes, anything complimentary is the one you can take away! 

These items include tiny bottles of shampoos and conditioners, coffee, body lotions, pouches of sugar and creamers, and other bathroom items. 

If you are fond of the pair of sippers, you can take those with you, as they will get thrown away after you leave. 

You can carry stationery such as pens, pads, envelopes, and postcards. 

They carry the hotel’s logo and help advertise the hotel.

Things You Cannot Take Away From Hotels

Some things are not for you to take while you leave the hotel. 

These items include irons, towels, blankets, cushions, etc. 

According to various news, some of the most stolen items are clock radios, ashtrays, TV remotes, bulbs, etc. 

These items are the hotel’s property and should belong in the hotel itself. 

Bathrobes are often stolen from hotels. 

Bathrobes are not complementary and should not be taken. 

If you wish to know what is complimentary, do get in touch with the front desk!

Consequences of Taking Away Hotel Properties

Taking away anything that belongs to the hotel can have consequences! 

They will charge for anything that goes missing after you check out. 

People take away robes and towels with them, and if you do this, you can expect a certain amount of charge on your credit card!

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