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Benefits of Wool Pillows (9 Reasons to Buy a Wool Pillow)

Wool pillows have many benefits. They are soft, warm, and comfortable. Many people LOVE wool pillows. But why are they so popular?

There are many benefits to using wool pillows. In fact, they’re so beneficial that I recommend them as part of every bedding set.

What’s this about?

  • Wool pillows are comfortable and provide SUPPORT for your head and neck.
  • They are also known for their ability to absorb moisture and heat. 
  • This means that they will keep you COOL in warmer temperatures and WARM in cooler temperatures.
  • I’ll go over the 9 top reasons why you should add wool pillows to your collection. 

Benefits of Wool Pillows

Here are the main benefits of using wool pillows:

1. Very Breathable

Generally, wool is BREATHABLE (which is good!). 

Not only that. It can insulate heat. 

And it can absorb moisture

Sachi Organics Wool Pillow

This helps to keep you dry and cool during sleep. 

  • Wool pillows allow air to CIRCULATE freely, ensuring that you remain cool in warmer weather and warm in cooler weather.
  • That enables you to maintain a steadier body temperature throughout the night.
  • The warmer you get, the more heat gets dispersed or vice versa. This assists you to sleep comfortably through the night.

As wool pillows absorb moisture, they keep your skin dry. This can help reduce pillow acne. 

And because of breathability, you don’t have pressure lines on your face, and as you sleep better, no puffy eyes.

2. Wool is Eco-Friendly

Wool is an excellent NATURAL fiber due to its renewability. 

  • Wool is a textile fiber extracted from sheep and other animals. 
  • A sheep produces between 2 and 30 pounds of fiber per year. 
  • Being a natural fiber, wool is biodegradable. 

But, wool needs to be cleaned before it is used in bedding. 

The cleaning process typically uses water, soap, soda ash, or similar alkali. Many (but not all) bedding manufacturers use chemically cleaned wool.

Wool lasts for a LONG time. That also makes it eco-friendly.

Many people have given positive reviews about this eco-friendly pillow. 

3. Very Comfortable 

Wool is known for its COMFORT! 

Although, wool is often perceived as itchy (what a paradox!).

Wait! We need to look at the situation again if we are going to sleep on a wool pillow.

Sleep & Beyond myWoolly Adjustable Wool Pillow

Although comfort is a matter of personal taste, some basics apply to everyone.

  • Many wool pillows allow you to adjust the thickness and softness to your liking. 
  • Open a zipper and modify the volume to the suitable height and firmness.
  • Other pillows tend to lose their bounce with time, but wool does not. And this property works excellent in providing neck and back support. 

4. Wool Is Hypoallergenic

Today, it is challenging to find beddings that are bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic

  • Wool is a non-toxic, natural material. 
  • If you find yourself allergic, this can work way better for you. 
  • Synthetic pillows may appear clean of chemicals, but they are not. 

Synthetic fiberfill can produce tiny amounts of chemicals that can potentially cause health problems (off-gassing).

Again, if you think washing it would help, it will not happen. 

On the other hand, wool is significantly safer compared to synthetics. 

5. Resistant to Mold and Dust Mite

Dust mites play a significant role in allergies and asthma.

Unlike every other bedding material available, wool fiber is resistant to mold and dust mites. 

Wool is the one thing dust mites despise

How come? 

  • Wool contains lanolin, which the dust mites don’t like.
  • Wool is the only bedding product that NATURALLY repels dust mites due to its structure.
  • For people with chemical sensitivities, wool bedding is usually a good choice. It keeps allergies at bay without introducing additional toxins.

Dust mites are naturally present in almost all homes. However, they rarely cause problems. Nevertheless, if you are allergic, it can cause many allergic reactions.

Note: bamboo pillow is also an ideal natural material for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

6. Offers Greater Support

Wool pillows are SUPPORTIVE but flatter than many other pillows. 

That is good if you prefer to sleep on your stomach. 

They are soft and firm at the same time.

Alternatively, you can fold the pillow twice, or use two pillows if you need more support for your back or side.

It supports your neck, shoulders, and spinal cord more than some medically treated pillows. 

You can even get support for a deformed back if you suffer from persistent back pain.

7. Wool Pillows Work Great for Toddlers

If you are concerned about your child’s sleep experience and wish to improve it, choose wool pillows! 

Wool provides the best sleep experience as they are free of allergens and bacteria. 

It is one such natural, organic and eco-friendly fiber that guarantees health and comfort to your child. 

Keababies Wool Toddler Pillow

Naturally grown and organic wool is the best material that you should choose when purchasing pillows for your little one. 

There should be no harmful chemicals or synthetics used during the manufacturing process.

Wool contains lanolin, which is naturally fire-resistant. These beddings are SAFER for toddlers since harmful fire retardants are not used in the manufacturing process.

8. Regulates Temperature

This property of wool is what makes it the BEST! 

Who does not need sound sleep? (I do)

Well, here is the contribution that wool makes to enhancing your sleep!

  • Wool offers incredible BREATHABILITY, together with an excellent moisture management property. 
  • And this property of wool gives it the ability to control and regular your body temperature.
  • Compared to cotton, wool effectively moves moisture vapor through the fabric. 

Again, compared to most pillows, wool tends to keep you in a thermal comfort zone for a more extended period. 

9. Wool is Fire-Resistant

Wool has been widely considered one of the best flame-resistant fibers compared to other common materials like polyester and nylon. 

Even better, it happens naturally.

  • Bedding materials are often treated with chemicals to make them fire retardant. Sleeping exposes us to these chemicals (a process called off-gassing).
  • Wool doesn’t need any chemicals to be fire-resistant.

If you’re looking for fire-resistant bedding that doesn’t rely on chemicals, wool pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers and protectors are a good choice.

We spend so much time on a pillow, so buying one that doesn’t contain chemicals makes sense.

A person sensitive to off-gassing smells usually prefers organic products.

You can feel good about buying a chemical-free product for your loved ones, as well. 

Why Should You Use Wool Pillows?

Wool is an essential organic fiber that we have been using for thousands and thousands of years! 

Wool is extensively used to make various products like rugs, blankets, clothes, upholstery, etc. 

What makes wool pillows different than other types of pillows?

  • Wool pillows come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.
  • They’re available in a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • There are no chemical dyes or fillers. They’re made from 100% wool. 
  • They don’t attract dust mites or mildew. They’re naturally antimicrobial. 
  • They’re hypoallergenic, which means they won’t cause allergic reactions.
  • They’re machine washable, making them easy to clean and keep fresh.

Given the long history and line of products made of wool, there is no doubt that they are medically suitable for everyone. 

Although wool has a long history, it is not as popular as other modern pillow fillings.

Roros Tweed Designer Wool Pillow

Drawbacks of Wool Pillows

There are some downsides to wool pillows:

  • They feel flat and dense. 
  • They don’t conform to the head, and you’ll have to keep adjusting to find a comfortable position.
  • They are expensive

Note: Some wool pillows might contain latex. Latex filling is wrapped up in wool to give more cushioning.

Should You Use a Pillow Cover With Wool Pillows?

Yes, you should use a pillow cover! 

Use a cover made from natural materials, such as cotton or linen, rather than synthetic materials, such as polyester. 

A cover helps prevent wear and tear on the pillow.

The Cost of a Wool pillow

Wool pillows cost a bit more than most other pillows. 

They range in price from $50-$150.

The price varies based on where you buy them. Other stores sell them at a discount, while others sell them at a premium over wholesale prices.

The Bottom Line

Wool pillows aren’t just for snuggling up on cold winter nights.

They’re also incredibly comfortable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for years to come.

They’re hypoallergenic, so they’re perfect for allergy sufferers like me.

Wool pillows are also highly versatile.

They look great in any room, from dorm rooms to living rooms, and they’re easy to clean.

So whether you want to add a bit of comfort to your home or looking for a gift idea for someone who likes a good sleep, these pillows are a great choice.

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