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Benefits of Bamboo Pillows (9 Reasons to Consider Them)

Bamboo pillows offer many benefits and are known to provide excellent SUPPORT and COMFORT. They are ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Many people struggle with sleeplessness due to uncomfortable bed mattresses and pillows. They SPEND a lot of MONEY buying expensive bedding products, thinking that they will help them sleep better. 

It is a fact that a fine mattress can help you sleep comfortably, but what if you have chosen a PILLOW that does not go well with it? You are more likely to face the same sleep problems. 

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Many people suffer from neck pain and try to find a solution. 

But, ever thought of investing in a BAMBOO pillow? 

Here is what you should know about bamboo and its benefits!

What Exactly is a Bamboo Pillow?

A bamboo pillow contains bamboo only in the casing, not the stuffing.

Bamboo is not a material that is used as a filling.

Maybe 10% of the whole pillow is bamboo, while the rest is generally something else.

They are just marketed as bamboo pillows.

Therefore, bamboo pillows usually have memory foam on the inside and bamboo on the outside (in that case, it is important to know how to clean memory foam pillows).

Since the bamboo is only used as a cover, the comfort of the pillow depends on the filling. Typical fillings are cotton, buckwheat, and various types of memory foam.

Benefits of Using Bamboo Pillows

If you consider buying some bamboo pillows for your bedding, it is essential to learn about their benefits.

To make it pretty easy for you, here we have shared a few benefits of using bamboo pillows:

#1 It Has Hypoallergenic Properties

If you have ALLERGY issues, using bamboo pillows would be best. 

This is because bamboo pillows are purely hypoallergenic

Being hypoallergenic allows the bamboo fibers to repel and counter dust mites. 

The bamboo fabrics can also RESIST mildew and mold, not just dust mites. 

So, if you are an individual with allergy issues, you can use bamboo pillows. 

These pillows should keep you SAFE against allergic reactions. 

Note: Wool is another hypoallergenic pillow material.

#2 Antimicrobial Properties

Bamboo fibers possess antimicrobial properties, making them pretty durable. 

These fibers contain a specific material widely known as Bamboo Kun. 

Bamboo plants can fight off bacterial attacks because of the Kun (how cool is that!). 

Hence, this is why bamboo stays sterile. 

Due to ANTIMICROBIAL properties in the bamboo fibers, the pillows can absorb body fluids such as SWEAT and remove the odor. 

It also helps keep you COOL and FRESH through the night while you sleep. 

#3 Has the Ability to Absorb Moisture 

Bamboo pillows are superior to polyester and cotton pillows because bamboo has a pleasing COOLING effect.

The bamboo plants have a natural cooling property which instills cooling properties in bamboo pillows.

The bamboo fibers have micro gaps and micro holes in them. 

This feature of the bamboo fabrics allows them to absorb moisture

Due to this property, the bamboo pillows also work as an excellent SWEAT absorbent. 

#4 Bamboo Fibers are Eco-Friendly

Bamboo plants grow naturally without chemicals or fertilizers, and from this perspective, they are pretty environmentally friendly.

Most plants require a significant water supply to flourish. But, bamboo is unlike any plant, requiring minimal water to grow and thrive.  

These plants can survive easily in water-scarce areas. This is another reason that makes bamboo eco-friendly

#5 Bamboo Pillows Remains Cool throughout the Night

We have already mentioned that bamboo fibers have microfibers and micro gaps. 

Due to these gaps and holes, bamboo pillows have a naturally advanced aeration system

ComfySleep Bamboo Pillow

This feature of the bamboo pillows helps them regulate your body TEMPERATURE and keeps you cool throughout the night. 

Also, due to this feature, bamboo pillows feel so breathable. 

Again, being a natural fiber, it has a better and more advanced cooling effect than other synthetic fibers. 

Furthermore, the bamboo fabrics’ microstructure can also trap warm air inside during the winters. 

As a result, you can expect your pillow to be warm during winter. 

#6 Provides Adjustability 

The bamboo pillows typically come along with memory foam, but what is the purpose of this foam?

The primary purpose behind using memory foam is its better adjustability. 

Yes, this feature gives these pillows the ability to properly adjust the back, NECK, and shoulders.

That’s why most sleepers prefer it!

Hence, this feature will help you sleep comfortably as per your needs, irrespective of the type of sleeper. 

#7 Reduces Snoring

If you have the habit of SNORING in a deep sleep, the bamboo pillow can help you reduce it. 

Although these pillows cannot cure it permanently, they surely can help you reduce it. 

Bamboo fibers are very comfortable, flexible, soft, and breathable. 

It provides the pillow with the ability to adapt to the specific sleeping style of the sleeper.

Also, bamboo pillows can treat actual the causes of snoring.  They provide better posture for optimal air circulation and reduce neck pain. 

#8 Offers Various Health Benefits

Bamboo fibers have distinct traits that make them unique from other fibers. 

As mentioned earlier in this article, bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic, have antimicrobial properties, and have micro-structures. 

These properties make bamboo pillows very important for people who have respiratory ailments

This is why bamboo is considered one of the best options. 

Due to such features, bamboo pillows often provide greater security to the sleeper against severe respiratory diseases such as asthma. 

#9 Has a Vast Range of Dimensions

Compared to polyester and cotton pillows, bamboo pillows are way more specialized. 

The bamboo pillows are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns and even differ quality-wise. 

They are built according to the manufacturer’s specifications for comfort and not industry standards.  

Industry measures have their specifications (sizes and standards) for these comfortable pillows. 

If you look closely at the height or LOFT of the pillow, you can determine what type of filling it has.  

Why Should One Choose Bamboo Pillows: Reasons to Consider? 

There are plenty of pillow types available in the market, like cotton and polyester, but why should one choose to buy bamboo pillows?

Now that you read the benefits of using a bamboo pillow in the above section, you know why to choose a bamboo pillow. 

They are way more comfortable and offer great support to your neck, head, and shoulders throughout the night while you sleep.

If you fall under any of the following categories, you should pick a bamboo pillow right away!

  • You should consider buying a bamboo pillow if you are dealing with insomnia.
  • Bamboo pillows are a great choice if you suffer from NECK and BACK pain.
  • Bamboo pillows help a lot in regulating your body temperature. They keep you cool while you sleep. So if you are someone who tends to get WARM when sleeping, you should get a bamboo pillow.
  • You suffer from skin allergies and other skin irritations; you should replace your pillow with a new bamboo pillow.
  • If you happen to be a LIGHT sleeper, then using a bamboo pillow can help in promoting deep sleep.

The Cost of a Bamboo Pillow

You can find bamboo pillows at prices ranging from $20-$100 (they are pretty affordable nowadays!).

The price depends on the size, style, and material of the filling.

You can find great products from the lower end of the price range, but of course, there may be some that are not well constructed and won’t last very long.

So, when you buy a bamboo pillow, you have to balance the cost against the quality of the product.

The Bottom Line

To experience a deep and sound sleep at night, you need to invest in a QUALITY pillow. 

And as you read this article, you already know what benefits you get from using a bamboo pillow. 

You never know; it can fulfill your needs and help you sleep better. 

It provides you with better breathability and controls your body temperatures. 

And its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties can help you sleep comfortably. 

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