How to Wash a Husband Pillow? (Without Getting Them Wet!)

Do you HATE washing pillows? It seems like such a SIMPLE task, but most people get frustrated with pillow washing because they end up getting water everywhere.

If you’ve never washed a husband pillow before, then you might be wondering how to do it CORRECTLY.

Husband pillow

People who use backrest pillows know that it tends to get dirty very quickly. 

And most people worry about washing these pillows due to their vast size

If you own one, you may wonder how to clean it. 

Yes, it is a fact that these pillows are enormous. And it can be a daunting task to wash them.

Husband pillow

This article will give you tips and tricks for washing and cleaning your husband pillow!

How to Wash a Husband Pillow?

Pillows have various types of washing instructions depending on how they are made. 

  • The COVER plays the biggest role in washing the pillow. Is it possible to remove the cover on not?
  • If you can unzip the cover, then it is easy. Just toss it into the washing machine (read the care tag first).
  • If you can’t remove the cover, just spot-clean it (hand wash).
  • DO NOT machine wash the foam stuffing.

The husband pillows are generally pretty thick as they are stuffed with memory foam. 

And memory foam is quite sensitive to water

Hence if they get drenched in water, they can take a very long time to dry up and possibly even get damaged (mold, etc.). 

Even if you could machine wash the cushioning (again, read the care instructions), most of these pillows are not suitable for the machine because they are so bulky

The standard size for most manufacturers is 15-18 inches wide with pillow arms pointing out. But they come in a variety of sizes. 

Husband pillow

In general, it is safer to hand wash these pillows.

Step 1 – Use Vacuum

A husband pillow is not like other pillows in shape and size, making it difficult for most people to clean. 

However, the best way to REMOVE all the pet hair, dust, or loose debris from its surface is by vacuuming it. 

Husband pillow stays clean and fresh for a longer period by regularly vacuuming it (every week, perhaps). 

Then, you won’t have to wash them as often. 

Get an upholstery brush  and attach it to your vacuum, and gently vacuum it on its sides. 

Husband pillow

Put extra effort on the sides as this is the place where dirt and grime accumulate the most. 

Step 2 – Pillow With a Removable Cover

If your pad has a REMOVABLE outer cover, you can unzip it and toss it in your washing machine for quick cleaning (vacuum it first).

Husband pillow

Machine wash the cover SEPARATELY in warm or cold water on a normal cycle (remember to check the care tag). 

Then tumble dry on low heat

Do not use chlorine bleach. 

Cleaning the cover when it gets dirty is usually more than enough. 

DO NOT machine wash the foam stuffing.

Step 3 – Hand Wash and Spot Clean

Husband pillows are typically fabricated with delicate and sensitive materials

It would be best to not use any HARSH cleaning agents while cleaning them. 

It’s better to use gentle cleaning products such as upholstery shampoo, a mild laundry detergent, or dishwashing soap. 

If you are concerned about stains, you can use natural products such as a solution of baking soda and vinegar!

Husband pillow

Also, when hand washing, you should strictly avoid getting the cushion wet

Prepare a soap mic solution, take a clean cloth, and dip it into the solution. 

Wipe the dipped cloth all over the pillow. 

You have to put extra effort into the stained areas, dab, and rub until your husband pillow looks tidy and clean! 

Step 4 – Rinse

Once you’ve completed the dab and rub procedure, remove the soap from the pillow’s surface. Soap can damage the fabric if exposed to it for an extended time. 

Now, take a fresh cloth, and dip it in freshwater. 

Give the cloth a nice wring to remove the water and wipe it over the pillow’s surface. 

This will help you take away the soap out of the pillow. 

Be cautious; you should not saturate the fabric at any cost!

Step 5 – Dry

The best method to dry your husband pillow after hand washing is to let it air dry naturally! 

Using regular dryers or tumbled dryers can harm its fabrics. 

Keep your cushion in a ventilated and warm area, considering it should not get exposed to direct sunlight. 

Also, you need to turn your cushion once every hour to ensure all its sides dry up evenly. 

It can take many hours to dry completely.  

Here you can find more info on what is the best way to dry pillows in general.

How Often Should You Clean or Wash Your Husband Pillow?

All pillows get exposed to dust mites, sweat, dirt, body oils, etc. This makes your pillows appear dusty and give off a foul smell. 

Cleaning the pillow removes all the dirt deposits and prevents odors and stains. 

Husband pillow

Since husband pillows are fabricated with materials sensitive to cleaning products and moisture, washing too much is not good. 

You should do washing regularly, but if you wish to keep it intact, vacuuming it once a week should be enough. 

And you should hand wash your husband lounger once every four to six weeks, as it would help you prevent the formation of odor. 

Is There A Need To Replace My Husband Pillow?

Over time, every product loses its form and usability, and so does the bed rest lounger. 

Backrest or husband pillows are known for spine and posture support. You can continue using them as long as it gives you good support for your back. 

Husband pillow

If you feel that it is no longer providing you the support you need, you might want to get a new cushion! Find out how to recycle or reuse old cushions here.

The Botton Line

Now that you have read this article here, you have discovered how you should wash your cushions. 

Washing is tough, and to minimize your efforts, you can prevent the dirt from forming in the first place!

You have to change its covers once in two weeks to prevent dirt or odor formation and dry-clean the pillow once in four to six weeks!

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